Pocket 4.3 for iOS: Native Facebook Sharing, Ability to Delete while Reading, and More

Our latest Pocket update is available now for iPhone and iPad, with new features for sharing, reading, and deleting from your list.

With Pocket 4.3 for iOS, you can share to Facebook more easily using iOS 6’s native integration for iPhone and iPad. We’ve also added an increased font size for reading in the Article View, and a shortcut to delete items after you’re finished with an article or video.

Download Pocket 4.3 for iPhone and iPad

Here’s a list of what’s in our latest update:

• Share to Facebook and Sina Weibo (新浪微博) using the account on your device (iOS 6 only)
• Delete articles directly while reading—just tap and hold the Archive button
• Jump all the way back to your list after opening links while reading—just tap and hold the Back button
• Increase the maximum font size in Article View
• The Get Started tutorial is now available from Help at any time

• Sharing certain articles to Evernote no longer displays an error
• Evernote International users in China can now log in
• Saving to Evernote while offline no longer causes a crash
• Tweet Attribution will now appear while using Pocket offline
• Gap no longer appears below the last item in the list
• Other bug fixes, design refinements, and improvements

As always you can go to Pocket Support for questions or feedback. We’re excited for what’s to come in 2013—thanks for your continued support!

-Team Pocket