Bringing You the Best of CES 2014

Last week, CES took over Las Vegas, transforming the Strip into a gigantic showroom filled with the latest gadgets, all of which promise to be “the next big thing.” Much of it is hype and flashiness – it is Vegas after all – but CES always features a few new products that feel genuinely fresh and exciting.

So, we rounded up the best CES stories saved to Pocket. Below, you’ll find the coolest (and weirdest) gadgets that hit the booths, an in-depth interview with T-Mobile’s party-crashing CEO, as well as commentaries on the controversial culture of CES itself.

See? You didn’t have to book that flight to Vegas. We’ve got you covered.

The Verge Awards: The Best of CES 2014

The Verge Staff, The Verge

The editorial team of The Verge shares their picks for the best things to hit the show floor, the biggest stories, and of course, the biggest disappointments from this year’s CES.

Why can’t CES quit booth babes?

Adrianne Jeffries, The Verge

Despite their absence last year, women in tight skirts were back on the floor in full force at CES 2014 — but the “booth bro” and “booth bot” are catching up.

Here’s How Ridiculous This Year’s CES Will Look in 2034

Matt Novak, Paleofuture

A journey back in time to look at some of the fabulous gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Shows of yesteryear.

CES 2014: What we saw, what we loved, and what we’ll remember

Ars Technica Staff, Ars Technica

The Ars Technica crew spent all of last week running around Vegas. Here’s what they thought stood out, from wearables to the people behind the craziness of CES.

50 Cent looks back on four years of CES

Adrianne Jeffries, The Verge

50 Cent stopped by The Verge trailer for an interview on the trends of CES 2014 and what his headphone company, SMS Audio, has been up to lately.

CES 2014 Proves That Wearables Are Still A Work In Progress

Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch

CES 2014 was an explosion of wearable tech. But did anyone bring anything new to the table?

Why Curved Glass Will Change Gadget Design Forever

John Brownlee, Fast Company

At CES this week, Corning announced a new type of glass that will make curved iPhones and iWatches possible. And that’s just to start.

Confessions of a Former ‘Booth Babe’

Alicia Fremling, Slate

“More of the companies at shows like CES should realize that some of the young women they employ as “booth babes” could actually be valuable assets to their companies.”

David Pogue Talks to Mischievous T-Mobile CEO John Legere: The Full Interview

David Pogue, Yahoo

John Legere was the big headline maker at this year’s CES. He talks with David Pogue about T-Mobile’s big announcements, and crashing AT&T’s party.

CES: It’s Mostly Bullshit

Will Smith, Tested

“After a month off, my first day back on the job was the first day of CES. I’m still a little shell-shocked.”