Now Showing: Your Saved Videos on Apple TV

From epic road bike rides to a timelapse of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, the Pocket Team has been known to save some amazing videos. And just by looking at last year’s top videos saved to Pocket, it’s clear all of our users do too. In fact, more than 2 million videos are now being saved to Pocket every week.

Announcing Full AirPlay Integration with Apple TV

This is why we’ve integrated full AirPlay support in our latest iOS release. With the help of Apple TV, you’ll now be able to watch all the videos you’ve saved to Pocket on your very own television. Your videos will even keep playing when you exit the Pocket app, perfect for multi-taskers who want to check their email, Twitter, or simply just lean back and relax.

How To Watch Using Apple TV

From your iPhone or iPad, select a video from Pocket to watch, then tap on the AirPlay button in the embedded video player (as shown in the image above). Select “Apple TV” from the menu and you’re good to go!

If You’re Looking For Video Inspiration…

We suggest checking out Vimeo’s Staff Picks, Devour, and the mini-documentaries from Dark Rye. And we’re always sharing great suggestions from @PocketHits.

Have another place you love finding videos? If so, we want to hear it! Just tweet at @Pocket with the hashtag #VideoHits.

Team Pocket

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