New Pocket for Firefox: Simplified Saving, Auto-Complete Tagging, and More

Saving interesting content online should be simple. That’s why we’ve designed saving to Pocket around a one-click experience. When you find an article, video, or webpage you want to view later, just click the Pocket button in your browser’s toolbar, and voila! It’s been added to your list.

We’ve spent the past few months collaborating with Mozilla on their new bookmarking features in the Social API. The result? A brand new Pocket for Firefox that makes it easier to quickly save interesting content from your browser. The experience is fast, lightweight, and consistent with Pocket’s extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Now when you save something to Pocket in Firefox, you can immediately add tags to organize your content. Pocket will even auto-complete tags as you type them out. So if you happen to forget the exact tag you use to label recipes, thought-provoking articles, or travel videos, just begin typing. Pocket will remember the rest.

The new Pocket for Firefox is fast and efficient, focusing on making it as easy as possible for you to save and view the content you’re interested in. We hope you enjoy it!

Team Pocket

Now Available in Firefox 28 and Above