Introducing Pocket Premium

Pocket Premium

With over 1 billion items saved, Pocket is changing the way people save and consume the content they’re interested in.

Today we’re introducing Pocket Premium, the most powerful Pocket experience to date. It lets you find anything instantly, get organized effortlessly, and relax knowing you have a permanent copy of what you save. Read on to see everything that’s new!

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Permanent Library: Your Content, Always Available

Permanent Library

The Web is constantly changing. As you continue to save what’s interesting and what you want to refer to time and time again, it’s important that it’s accessible and available whenever you need it.

Permanent Library automatically stores a copy of the articles and web pages you save. This means the content you care about is safe and always available, even if it changes or is deleted on the Web. From the moment you upgrade to Premium, both new and existing items in your list and Archive become a permanent resource.

Powerful Search: Full-Text, Topic and Tag Search Across Pocket

Pocket Premium

Premium unlocks fast and powerful search that lets you find content any way you like across your entire Pocket – by full text, topics, tags, authors, and more. Recent Searches help return you to a previous search, and advanced search operators can refine your search even more.

Use search to quickly find something you saved months ago, or simply explore Pocket by a topic you’re interested in.

Suggested Tags: Quickly Organize Your List

Pocket Premium

Organizing the content you save no longer has to be a time-consuming process. Premium takes the work out of organizing your list by suggesting tags that can be added to an item with a single tap or click. The suggestions are based on the item’s content and your previously used tags, so the more you tag, the smarter and more personalized they become.

With Suggested Tags, you no longer need to type, remember, or search for tags you’ve already used. Use them to quickly organize your Pocket and stay focused on projects, trip planning, research, and more.

Improvements for All Users

In addition to Pocket Premium, we’re also excited to release several new features and improvements to the overall Pocket experience for all users.

Pocket Premium

Redesigned Browser Extensions

We’ve completely redesigned our browser extensions for all Pocket users. Now you can immediately add tags or undo a save, with far fewer clicks.

Simplified Tag Management

  • iOS and Android: You can now manage, edit, merge and delete tags on your phone or tablet
  • iOS and Web: You can now delete and/or edit tags while viewing items in Article or Web View
  • Web: You can now add, manage, edit, and delete tags on items right from the Tile View and Article View

How to Upgrade to Pocket Premium

You can subscribe to Pocket Premium for $4.99/month or $44.99/year (at a 25% discount) at Once you’ve upgraded, you’ll be able to access Premium everywhere you use Pocket.

Pocket Premium marks an important new chapter for us, one that lets us build the absolute best Pocket experience possible.

Thanks for your support over all these years!

– Team Pocket

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