Springpad into Pocket

Pocket + Flipboard

Pocket saves the links you want to view later, all to one place – perfect for storing all the videos, recipes, and articles you’ve collected in Springpad.

Everything in Pocket is synced across your phone, tablet and computer so you can read articles and watch videos in a beautiful easy-to-view layout that improves the viewing experience of any page.

Pocket + Flipboard

To get you started, we’ve made it super easy to import the web content you’ve saved to Springpad and put it into Pocket: http://getpocket.com/import/springpad.

We also recommend getting Pocket on your phone and tablet. That way, you can save interesting content from your favorite apps and always have access to something you want to read or watch, even when you’re offline: http://getpocket.com/add.

Though we’re sad to see Springpad go, we hope you find a home for everything you want to view later with Pocket, whether you’re planning a trip, storing new recipes, or gathering articles and videos to inspire your next project.

– Team Pocket