Saving is faster than ever with the new Pocket Extension for Chrome!

Saving is faster than ever with the new Pocket Chrome Extension!

Over a billion items are saved to Pocket each year and with millions more being saved each day, we’re always seeking to make the save experience as fast and as useful as possible for you.

Today we are thrilled to bring a new and improved Pocket Extension for Chrome. Some of you may have been lucky enough to see a preview – it now has a streamlined and lightweight facelift, is lightning fast, and introduces the ability to add anything you read directly to your Archive.

We know that Pocket is also used to keep track of things you’ve already read and may want to reference later, so we added Archive to make it easy to save something directly to your Archive without having to do this in Pocket later on.

Archive Page

We’ve also improved tagging to be faster and smoother. To get to additional actions like Archive, Remove Page, and Open Pocket, just hover over the Menu button (●●●) for easy access.

Stay tuned for more updates here!

We know many of you are using the Pocket Extension for Chrome throughout your day to save the articles and videos you find interesting — we want to know what you think of these new updates! What do you like, what do you dislike? We want to know.

Also, stay tuned for even more updates to come to our Chrome Extension (and our Safari and Firefox extensions) very soon…we’re working on some very exciting things for you!

– Team Pocket

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