Pocket comes to Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Anniversary Update!

Go Beyond the Reading List with the New Pocket for Microsoft Edge!

While Microsoft celebrates their Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we at Pocket have reason to celebrate as well – we’re welcoming a new addition to our family. Starting today, the Pocket extension is now available in Microsoft Edge!

We’re honored to be one of a few launch partners helping to bring extensions to Microsoft Edge, and are thrilled that we can now deliver the same experience in Microsoft Edge that our users have been enjoying in other browsers.

Introducing Pocket for Microsoft Edge:

Pocket for Microsoft Edge lets you quickly save any page you’re viewing in Edge. Find an article, news story, or blog post you’d like to read later? Just click the Pocket button in Edge to save it to your list. Then, when you’re ready, enjoy viewing it in Pocket’s beautiful, easy-to-read layout.

Pocket lets you go beyond Edge’s native reading list so you can view what you save anywhere — from the bus, to your next flight, to simply kicking back and relaxing with a long read at home on your phone or tablet. You can even save videos too!

Introducing Pocket for Microsoft Edge

Tip: If you want to see Pocket in your address bar like the image above, click here to see our installation instructions.

In addition to saving, the Pocket Extension makes it easy to add Tags to items right when you save them. This is handy for organizing recipes, travel guides, and work-related links as you discover and save things throughout your day.

Don’t forget to hover your mouse over the ●●● menu for additional actions, such as removing a page if you saved it by mistake and Archiving a page if you already read it but still want to save it in Pocket for later. You can also Open your Pocket directly from this menu to catch up on the items you’ve already saved.

It makes us so happy to bring Pocket to new platforms and meet so many new people. If you use Microsoft Edge, we can’t wait for you install Pocket and hear what you think!

You can install Pocket for Microsoft Edge in the Microsoft Store, after you install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update today!

Team Pocket