Introducing Continuous Playback for Listen and Highlighting on Android

Today, we’re excited to announce that two of our most requested features are landing in Pocket for Android: continuous playback for Listen, and the ability to highlight quotes and passages within Pocket.

You can check out the new Listen experience by updating to Pocket 6.6.3, and you can begin testing Highlights by joining the Android Beta.

A ton of new improvements for Listen:

Continuous Playback with Listen

First up, Listen / Text-to-Speech is getting a major upgrade. For those who haven’t discovered Listen yet, it lets you come back to the stories you’ve saved by having Pocket read them aloud to you, so you can keep your hands free for other tasks, like going for a run, driving into work, or making dinner.

In today’s update, Pocket will now continuously read articles out loud to you in a playlist format, so you can listen to stories one right after the other. You can also see what’s up next, and browse through Pocket while still in Listen mode. For devices with Android 5.0 or higher, we also now support all of Google’s voices, meaning you have several new high-quality voices to choose from!

Just tap the headphones button at the top of your List to get started, and turn everything in your Pocket into a podcast.

Highlights are now on Android Beta:

Highlights in Android Beta

Second, we are thrilled to (finally) introduce Highlights! In the Android Beta, you can now highlight passages that you find meaningful, want to remember or share, and then come back to them all in a treasure trove of excerpts that are important to you.

Highlighting is pretty straightforward – just long press on the text you want to highlight and tap “Highlight” in the menu above. Tap on any highlight to see everything you’ve highlighted in that particular story, or see all of your highlights by filtering your List (see the menu below).

See all of your Highlights

Joining the Android Beta gives you early access to features and the opportunity to give us feedback as we develop them. Here’s how you can join:

We are so excited for you to begin using these new features on Android! We love feedback, so please send us your questions, suggestions, and requests to

Get Continuous Playback in Pocket 6.6.3

Start testing Highlights in Beta

– Team Pocket