Introducing personalized topics and a fresh new look for Home on iOS Beta

Continuous Playback with Listen

We’ve been experimenting with a new tab in Pocket called Home. Home is designed to be a front page to the best of your Pocket, helping you return to the stories you’ve saved, and find something interesting to read or watch whenever you open the app.

We’ve just released a completely new version of Home to the Pocket Beta for iPhone!

Here’s the latest:

  • Fresh new layouts that make it easier to browse and find something to read or watch.
  • New topic sections that are personalized to what you’re saving, reading, and watching in Pocket. These sections will update throughout the day so be sure to check back often.
  • Stories you’ve saved are being better incorporated into Home. With this latest release, you’ll see a story you’ve recently saved (but haven’t read) in the top slot of each topic section.

We hope this update makes it easier to find something interesting to read or watch whenever you open the Pocket app. Only you, our beloved users and fans, can let us know if we’re we’re on the right track! Please join our Beta if you haven’t done so already and drop us a line to let us know what you think at!

Join the Pocket Beta for iPhone


P.S. If you use Pocket on Android as well, we just launched a couple top requested features! Click here to read all about them.