4 ways Pocket can help you get the most from the holidays

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There’s no way around it. The holidays are hectic. No matter what you’re celebrating or who you are celebrating with, the end of the year is a lot. Here at Pocket, we’d like to share with you some of the ways Pocket can help you with that little bit of extra this holiday. Whether it’s extra knowledge, extra time, extra delays or extra inspiration, we can help.

1. Keep all your holiday ideas in Pocket

There are so many wonderful ways to share the holidays. The internet has made it possible for people everywhere share their creative ways to give, decorate, dine and delight. Which is amazing, but it’s also a lot to keep track of. Pocket can be a home to save and revisit the content you discover around decorating, gift giving, cooking, and hosting.

See some positively delectable sugar cookies on a cooking blog? Save the recipe to Pocket and you can easily pull it up on your phone when you’re in the store trying to remember if you wanted refined or granulated sugar. Build your gift list by saving gift guides from your favorite websites and publications. Get into the holiday spirit by holding on to some of the stories that remind us about the best of humanity and why we celebrate all these holidays in the first place.

2. Use the Pocket listen feature when holiday prep has you busy

It seems like the the only gift we can’t give or get is time. The frenzy of the season can often cut into the things that help us feel calm and centered. Pocket’s listen feature can also help keep you on top of your reading goals even when your hands are busy. While you’re putting up decorations, wrapping gifts or icing your hundredth cookie, listen lets you enjoy the articles and stories you have saved. Or you can enable Pocket’s Alexa skill and ask Alexa to read your saved articles aloud while you’re busy around the house.

3. Turn travel time into quality time

The holidays are full of waiting. Sometimes we’re waiting while we’re in an airport. Sometimes we’re waiting to get back outside if a blizzard rolls in. Sometimes we’re waiting in line to buy gifts or food for a family feast. Catching up on stories in Pocket can help make that wait a better use of your time. If your mother-in-law has terrible wifi or you’re on a plane with no connectivity just sync your Pocket before you enter a dead zone and you’ll have access to all your stories and articles. Pocket can turn that long layover or unexpected delay into an enjoyable experience with our offline reading feature.

4. Let recommendations fuel your holiday conversations

This time of year we do a lot of talking. Whether at holiday parties, family gatherings, volunteering in the community or at school concerts, it’s good to have interesting things to discuss. You can use the content you discover in Pocket to up your holiday party conversation game. We’ve even collected some must reads from this past year to help get you started. If you don’t subscribe to Pocket Hits, it’s our weekly newsletter of exceptional content surface by Pocket’s community. Check out the Firefox new tab for even more great content recommendations.

If you’re considering spending your time more intentionally in 2019, spending less time scrolling and more time fueling your mind, Pocket is a great companion to help you focus on the things that matter to you.

We wish you all the best this holiday season!
From Team Pocket

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