Sunday Reading Ritual: Wealth and how you might have it


Money does help to turn the wheel of life. It buys necessities, access, and even privilege. But what is wealth? What if you already have wealth—right now—and didn’t realize it? What does access to more money actually buy you? And what might happen if we collectively evolved our definition of wealth to include things that aren’t material—like knowledge or human capacity? Save and read these three articles in Pocket and get a new perspective.


The Price of Happiness: Horizontal vs Vertical Wealth
Charles Chu, Medium

Money can’t buy you happiness—or can it? Charles Chu takes a look at the traits of the wealthiest people he admires, observes different approaches to living, and arrives at an interesting insight.


The 9.9% is the new American Aristocracy
Matthew Stewart, The Atlantic

Contrary to popular myth, economic mobility in the land of opportunity is not high, and it’s going down.


Our attitude towards wealth played a crucial role in Brexit. We need a rethink.
Stephen Hawking, The Guardian

On the heels of Brexit in 2016, physicist Stephen Hawking, who passed away in March, penned an article encouraging people to change their view of wealth and money. “Everything is connected,” he wrote. “If we wish to understand the fundamental nature of the universe, we’d be very foolish to ignore the role that wealth does and doesn’t play in our society.”


Hopefully, these reads give you a fresh perspective and even a new way to think about money, wealth, and how to find happiness. Tell us, what are your goals in the new year?