A Twinkle in His Eye: Life as a Modern Dad

There’s never been a better time to be a father. Men are more involved in their kids’ lives than ever, and judging by the number of essays and articles Pocket users are saving on the topic, we’re all pretty excited about it. Check out some of the most interesting takes we’ve found on fatherhood today.

My Son, The Prince of Fashion
Michael Chabon, GQ
What happens when you put a 13-year-old boy in the front row at Paris Fashion Week? A funny, poignant essay on fatherhood by author Michael Chabon. This story was so popular, it ended up becoming the cornerstone for Chabon’s latest book, “Pops.”

Why Every Father Should Bring His Toddler Out for a Mini Adventure
Stefen Chow, Medium
In many cultures, it’s presumed that mothers know best when it comes to their kids’ needs. Chinese photographer Stefen Chow turned this notion on its head when he took his two-year-old daughter on an eight-day trip around Taiwan and discovered the depth of a father/daughter bond.

The Myth That Babies Look More Like Their Dads
Ariel Ramchandani, The Atlantic
It’s a common theory: babies arrive in their world looking just like their fathers—nature’s way of ensuring that dads won’t reject their offspring. This article dives into the science behind the theory and how the perception of paternity can impact a father’s relationship with his progeny.

What ‘Good’ Dads Get Away With
Darcy Lockman, The New York Times
There’s no denying that fathers have gotten more and more involved with family life over the last 50 or so years, but just how close are they to an even split with moms? This essay explores the childcare imbalance between men and women and how it’s playing out in marriages today.

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