8 new focus-boosting improvements to Pocket in Firefox, Chrome, Safari & more

Every day all around the world, millions of you save stories in Pocket, building a personal hub for knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. It’s your quiet little corner of the internet where you can absorb stories in a distraction-free zone, whether you’re reading at home on your phone or saving articles on your work computer.

So we’re excited to unveil eight new improvements, requested by users like you, that bring the same features you love in the Pocket app to your Pocket experience in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or any browser.

Here’s what’s new for Pocket in your browser:

Capture ideas with highlights

The next time you come across a great nugget of info in an article you’re reading, select the text using your cursor and click “highlight.” Find it later under Highlights in the menu bar.

Pocket users get three highlights per month, but for the highlighting fiends among us, there’s Pocket Premium. Premium members get unlimited highlights (in addition to other benefits), so you can mark up the text to your heart’s content.

Dig in with reading-time estimates

Some articles take three minutes to finish, some take 20. You can now choose what to read based on how much time you have thanks to reading-time estimates, located next to the story’s publication name in your list.

Go easy on your eyes with a refreshed design

We’ve simplified the way your list looks so it’s easier for you to focus on the content you came for. Images are larger, there’s more breathing room, and we’ve added article excerpts so you can get a preview of the story before diving in.

Try a sepia-color background

White screens can feel a bit harsh on the eyes sometimes, so we’ve added the option to turn your background sepia. Give it a whirl and see how you like it—you can always change it back!

Get exclusive new fonts & margins—Pocket Premium only

Take your focus even deeper with a reading environment tailored to your preferences, whether that’s rounder fonts, wider margins or extra space between lines. Pocket Premium members get exclusive access to eight new fonts and adjustable spacing options—making it easier than ever to make Pocket your own.