A pet’s mind, an owner’s mind. Who’s a good boy?

We think of them as family members, but when it comes down to it, pets were domesticated fairly recently, making them only a few generations away from wild animals. This makes their behavior, how we treat them, and their purpose in our lives ripe for investigation. Check out some of the most-saved articles by Pocket users about the critters we welcome into our homes and backyards.

There’s No Such Thing As a Good Dog
Wes Siler, Outside
Ever come across a dog that seems too good to be true? Mild-mannered, good around children, happy to trot alongside its owner and be told what to do—those aren’t just personality traits. Turns out, it’s entirely possible to train any dog to behave in a calm, easygoing way, but it takes a little human training first.

The Cutest Animal on Instagram is Possibly in Your Trash Can
Gray Chapman, The New York Times
An opossum named Starfish. A skunk named Gizmo. Meet the newest crop of pet influencers shaking up the Instagram world. They’re cute, they’re tame (mostly), and they’re here to sell you endless t-shirts.

Should We Stop Keeping Pets? Why More and More Ethicists Say Yes
Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, The Guardian
With the closure of Ringling Bros Circuses and outcry over the treatment of animals at zoos and theme parks like SeaWorld, many people are starting to rethink animals as human entertainment. Should pet ownership fall under this category too?

Why Your Cat Thinks You’re a Huge, Unpredictable Ape
Nick Stockton, Wired
It’s hard to avoid treating your cat like a person—what better way to honor it, right? According to an Ohio veterinarian, that’s exactly what we shouldn’t be doing. Check out his tips on how to improve your relationship with your feline friend based on its needs, not yours.

Pet Care the Pocket Way
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