Pocket’s 10 Most-Saved Stories in September

Staying on top of the news has always been taxing—in 2020, that’s especially true. This September, the three most-saved stories by the Pocket community were concerned takes on the upcoming U.S. election and America’s handling of the pandemic, as well as The New York Times’ deep dive into President Trump’s taxes.

The bright spot? We’re still looking for better techniques to take care of ourselves in the face of the doom-and-gloom news cycle. The rest of the top ten were all about how to live better, from breaking our distraction addiction to falling asleep faster and making friends as an adult.

How To Be Indistractable

Nir Eyal • Psyche

Stop blaming technology – distraction starts within. Manage your inner triggers to enjoy greater focus and a fuller life

How To Make Friends as an Adult

Marisa G Franco • Psyche

Friendships give us so much. Be bold, take the initiative, and you’ll be surprised how many people are pleased to connect.

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