Your List Just Got Better in Pocket on Your Desktop

2020 was an unprecedented year, when so much of our lives took place inside our homes and online. It didn’t help that world events had us all doomscrolling for hours on end. But we know here at Pocket that through it all, you still saved countless hidden gems in your own Pocket. Our Best of 2020 was proof of all the thoughtful saving and reading we did together.

This helped us prioritize the improvements we’re thrilled to share with you today. They’re all about helping you get the most out of all you’ve saved to Pocket.

Dive right into your list

Starting today, you can see more of what you’ve saved at a glance on your desktop. Use your mouse to hover over one of your saves to add tags, archive it, or share it with others.

Sharing is caring

Whether your list is made up of saves from our editors’ recommendations or gems you unearthed in your own explorations, with our latest update, it’s a cinch to share. Simply hover over the story, then click to share it on social media, via email, or to your own Pocket followers.

Streamlined View Gif

Enjoy a streamlined list view

If you prefer to see your Pocket saves in a compact list, you’re in luck. Our popular list view has a brand new layout with titles and actions that pop. Tagging, favoriting, archiving, and more are easier to access and use — these actions appear right next to all your saves.

Let’s tag it

You can organize all of your great stuff in Pocket with a tag. Add a tag to an article, video, or whatever you’re saving to easily categorize your content, then look it up by category later. Pin your most important tags to the sidebar for quick access, or search to find everything under a particular tag.