Latest Pocket for Android features make it easier to find the content you’ve saved

Pocket has always been your go-to place to discover, save and spend time with the great stories from around the web. The trouble was finding the time to read those articles, plus sifting through that ginormous list. Ack!

Today, we’ve added new features to Pocket for Android so you can easily sort through your list to help you quickly get to the reads that match your mood or moment. Here’s a list of today’s new features: 

Find more stories in your list faster with new sorting options

If you’re a voracious reader, we bet there are articles since the day you downloaded the Pocket app, plus articles you saved last month, last week or even this morning. So, how do you decide which ones to read? 

Now, with our new search-and-sort feature you’ll be able to sort through your List by newest saved, oldest saved, shortest to read and longest to read. Go to List and on the right hand side, click the three bars button. From there a menu will pop up for you to decide how you’d like to display your saves. Plus, we’ve moved the search bar to the top of your List, so it’s easier to access. Finding the perfect article that fits your mood is right at your fingertips.

New search and sort helps you find stories faster

Find articles to read based on how much time you have 

If you’re someone who sticks to a schedule, this new feature will keep you on time. Within your saved articles in your List, tap into search, and filter your saves by how much time you have. Organized in four categories, they are: Quick reads which are less than 5 minutes; Medium reads which are 6-10 minutes; Long reads which are 11-20 minutes and Very Long reads which are over 21+ minutes.

Search by estimated reading time

Whether you’re in between meetings or want some light bedtime reading, you don’t have to worry about running over time with this new feature. These estimates are based on an average 220 words-per-minute reading speed.

More to come in 2021

For the past few months we’ve been busy experimenting with exciting new features based on feedback from Pocket users. We usually keep these experiments under wraps until we are ready to share them out to everyone. But we’re going to try something new this year and let you know about more of these experiments early on. So, please continue to check back here for updates on upcoming experiments and features that we’ll be launching throughout the year.

You can download the latest Pocket for Android on Google Play.