Updates to Read It Later iPhone/iPad and Firefox

We’re happy to announce that updates were released this week for two of our major platforms:

Let’s take a look at each in turn…

Read It Later for iOS Version 2.4.3

(Note: 2.4.3 fixes the black screen / bad 2.4.2 update from yesterday. Thanks to Apple for the quick review!)

This release is mainly around ensuring compatibility with the upcoming release of iOS 5, but we snuck in a few new features (and fixed a bunch of bugs!):

New features:

  • View images and embedded video in Article View (Free version)
  • Tweet attribution added to Article View (Free version)
  • Share menu updated to support Things task management app
  • Share menu updated to allow you to report bad article views directly from the app
  • Deleting now syncs throughout Read It Later


  • iOS5 compatibility updates
  • Syncing issues
  • Instance where reading position was forgotten
  • Additional bug fixes and enhancements

Note: if you are using the Free version of the app, you’ll need to re-download your previously saved articles in order to view the new images and videos in Article View. Going forward, images and videos will be added automatically.

Read It Later Pro
Read It Later Free

Read It Later for Firefox Version 2.1.2

With this release, Read It Later is now compatible with Firefox 7 (the current beta version). We also fixed some other minor bugs including fixing the toolbar button height.

Read It Later for Firefox