How to Use RIL with the new Twitter for iPhone

A number of people who use the Twitter iPhone app have asked us: Where did the Read It Later button go? It’s there, but there are now a couple extra taps involved.

Yes, Read It Later is in the new Twitter. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Go to Me > Settings > Advanced > Read Later and link your Read It Later account

2. For any tweet with a link you want to add to Read It Later, you’ll now tap through the link before getting to the share menu:

Two Other Ways to Use Read It Later with Twitter

1. If you miss the one click save from the timeline, we recommend you check out some other Twitter clients with RiL quick add support—there are over 45 of them!—including apps like: Tweetbot, Echofon, Tweetlogix, Twittelator Neue, Twitterrific, and Tweetcaster.

2. Another cool option for syncing Read It Later with Twitter is a service called ifttt (if this then that). It’s an awesome utility for automating things in your life—they call these “recipes.”

For example, here’s a recipe that lets you automatically add any “favorited” tweet to Read It Later.

If you like ifttt, here are some other recipes we recommend with Read It Later.*

If you have any other suggestions, let us know!

*Note: ifttt currently is only one-way, so while you can add to Read It Later from Twitter, marking it archived in Read It Later won’t remove it as a favorite in Twitter.