Updates to Pocket for Android

We’ve been hard at work since launching the new Pocket last week. If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve released 3 updates to the Android app over the past week. The latest version (4.0.3) hit Google Play last night and is currently pending review on Amazon’s app store.

Note to HTC Flyer and Evo View users: We are aware of the issue with the blank Reader and are looking into it, sorry for the trouble.

Here’s what we improved in each version:

4.0.3 (4/25/12)

  • Instant Sync is now working again. However, please note that instant sync only works for one device per account. We will support multiple devices for a single account soon.
  • Duplicate Items: When adding items using the Share Menu, duplicates will no longer appear. To remove any duplicates that were added before this fix, you can use Bulk Edit to remove them, or log-out and log back in to load a clean list.
  • Sharing: Fixed issues when sharing to Evernote.
  • Video: Improved video playback and functionality
  • Several other bug and crash fixes.

Previous Updates:

4.0.2 (4/20/12)

  • Fixed Select/Copy Text on 2.3 devices
  • Fixed Video not pausing when leaving the Reader
  • Added a Report Article option in the Share Menu. Use this to easily alert us about Article View’s that did not parse correctly.
  • Several crashes/bugs.

4.0.1 (4/18/12)

  • Bug and crash fixes


There’s a lot more on the way, and we appreciate all the feedback you’ve been giving us at help.getpocket.com.