Introducing #watchitlater: Share the Best Videos Over 5 Minutes, Save them in Pocket

One of the interesting things about Pocket over the past two years has been the growth of video: Users are saving more of it, and YouTube is now Pocket’s most-saved domain.

As we move to new screens and new devices, we are seeing new opportunities for content. A 3-minute video is perfect for quick moments at work or on your PC. But Pocket is starting to become more accessible on TV screens—here’s how to set up Pocket with Apple TV, for instance—so we’ve started seeing a different type of video: longer clips, over 5 minutes, that we can play at home on the couch.

Just like what #longreads solved for in-depth reading, there should be a better way to discover great longform videos, so today we’re introducing #watchitlater.

Use this hashtag on Twitter, Tumblr or to share your favorite online clips over 5 minutes. It can be anything: Documentaries, short and feature-length films, concerts, or university lectures and TED Talks. Anything over 5 minutes.

If we all dig hard enough, we’re bound to find some gems for everyone to save to Pocket. And be sure to follow us at @PocketHits, where we’ll share the most-saved longform videos to #watchitlater.

Happy watching!

-Mark Armstrong
Editorial Director, Pocket