On Twitter’s New API Guidelines and Pocket Integration


We’ve received a number of questions from users and our own developer community about Twitter’s new API guidelines and how it affects use of Pocket with Twitter.

Specifically, we wanted to clarify questions around the following rule in Twitter’s new Display Guidelines:

b. No other social or 3rd party actions may be attached to a Tweet.

We have a strong relationship with Twitter so we reached out to their team for further clarification. We’ve been told that the new API guidelines are not intended to affect or hamper your ability to integrate Pocket with Twitter apps or clients. The ‘social actions’ refer to Twitter’s own actions like Fav, RT, and Reply.

Your Pocket integration with Twitter and third party clients will continue to work like normal. As always, we’ll continue to keep our developers and users in the loop.


p.s. If you want to test that saving works just to be sure, you can always try saving any of the content from @PocketHits