Pocket 4.2 Is Here, Ready for iPhone 5 and iOS 6


Pocket’s 4.2 update is here: Our latest release is compatible with iOS 6 and is optimized for the all-new iPhone 5 to take advantage of its stunning 4-inch Retina display.

Download Pocket for iPhone and iPad.

Here’s what’s in Pocket 4.2 for iOS:


  • Compatibility with iOS 6 and iPhone 5.
  • Tumblr users can now select which blog (or blogs) to post to.


  • Offline articles will no longer be cleared if disk space is limited.
  • Items no longer duplicated when adding via clipboard.
  • Videos will no longer stop playing when the device is rotated.

For those getting their hands on an iPhone 5, we look forward to hearing what you think of Pocket on the larger Retina display. As always, you can go to Pocket Support for any questions or feedback.

Thanks again from the Pocket team.

Download Pocket for iPhone and iPad. It’s free.