Now It’s Easier to Save to Pocket from Feedly, WordPress and HootSuite

Three of our partners have big updates this month that make saving to Pocket simple:

Feedly for iOS and Android

Saying goodbye to Google Reader? Feedly is one Pocket-friendly option for users who are searching for an RSS reader. Their new apps for iOS and Android, released this week, include shortcuts for quickly saving to Pocket. Just set up Pocket in your settings—you’ll then get a shortcut at the top of the app (above), and you’ll be able to long-press on any item in Feedly to save it for later.

If you have a blog on, you can enable easy saving to Pocket from your own site. Just choose the Pocket option in the Settings > Sharing menu and it will appear along with your social sharing buttons:

If you have a self-hosted site on WordPress, you can add the Pocket button using the latest Jetpack plugin update. Or you can create your own Save to Pocket button.


We’re excited to announce that HootSuite’s latest update for iOS features Pocket support! Just go to Settings > Read Later to turn on Pocket with just a tap:

HootSuite is also offering Pocket users a free month of HootSuite Pro ($9.99 value) if you sign up for a Pro account at and use coupon code HOOTPOCKETPRO.


To learn more about the hundreds of apps that make it easy to save to Pocket, check out our app directory.