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Best of 2019

Our Best of 2019 awards is an extra-special time of year. Every day Pocket surfaces hidden gems, new perspectives, and intriguing stories from across the web. And of those stories, our annual awards highlight only the select few that rose to the top. Our readers are a discerning bunch—they continually discover, save, and share the most interesting stories out there, which makes these awards the créme de la créme. And judging by this year’s winning stories, we have to agree—they’re exceptional.

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First, let’s take a look at some numbers and figures that made up past 12 months.


Statistics on 2019 Pocket Usage


Without further ado, the following articles were the all-around most read, saved, and shared in Pocket in 2019.


The most read of 2019

You’ll find plenty more tantalizing options on our Best of 2019 page, where we’ve singled out the year’s top stories on culture, tech, science, and many other subjects.

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From all of us at Pocket, have an amazing holiday season and a happy new year.

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