Marking Earth Day During a Pandemic

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is taking place in a world transformed by the coronavirus pandemic. This April 22, empty highways and shuttered factories around the globe have led to better air quality, cleaner water, and emergent wildlife — a temporary recovery that offers a glimpse at the possibility of a cleaner future. Environmental experts say the global standstill has provided an object lesson in the power of collective action in the face of a large-scale, invisible threat — as well as the dangers of a delayed response.

To mark this Earth Day, dive into these reads about the pandemic’s effect on the environment and what lessons this moment might hold for the fight against climate change. For resources and ways to take action, visit

What a Coronavirus-Like Response to the Climate Crisis Would Look Like

Sammy Roth • Los Angeles Times

Society has moved far more aggressively to address the coronavirus than it has the climate crisis. But some experts wonder if the unprecedented global mobilization to slow the pandemic might help pave the way for more dramatic climate action. We asked eight scientists, activists and other experts what a coronavirus-like response to climate change would look like.

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